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Due to an unparalleled commitment to providing outstanding customer service as a Realtor servicing Colorado Springs, Peyton, Woodland Park, Fountain, Monument, Manitou Springs and surrounding El Paso County areas, many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my real estate services.

What my Clients say about me

Updated April 2017

"Highest Point Real Estate has been managing my property for the past 3 (almost 4) years now. We interviewed 3 or 4 property management companies before deciding on Highest Point Real Estate. What we had learned from other property management companies, up to this point, was that they were smooth talkers and really just wanted to sign and start getting paid. They generally presented how your property was going to make you a lot of money. Aaron wanted to look over the property to determine whether or not it was something he could take on, what some possible changes would be to make the property more appealing and the best market price before talking numbers. His approach, while less refined from the others, was refreshing. This approach, and his personality, certainly seemed to have the ability to rub people wrong, however, it was refreshing to us to not be sold a bill of goods that we were not comfortable with. From the start Aaron was thorough, straight-forward and helpful. It was clear that he wanted to protect our asset as much as we did. His staff is generally responsive and helpful as well and they continue to work hard to ensure that our property is rented and maintaining its value. I highly recommend him and Highest Point Real Estate."

-James H.

"I am going to start this review off by saying tenants need to understand HP is working for two parties during the rental period, the owners and the renters. What I came to learn during our short rental time is Aaron and staff really do work hard to get everything requested by the renters resolved, but they are limited in their power because they do NOT own the properties but merely manage them. I can say all this because the former owners of our house (which we bought mid rental contract) would usually put up a fight to fix things that should have been taken care before we moved in. During the time I was requesting the repair/replacement of the microwave, which did not heat food when we moved in, Amanda had great patience in dealing with my crazy. She was understanding and would let me know that they would have someone out to fix/replace it if it were up to them. Eventually she was able to convince the former owners it was time to replace it, which they did. I had also put up an argument that the back fence could use some TLC, as it was being pushed apart by rocks used as a border. The owners never wanted to get it fixed but did give permission for us to jerry-rig it if need be, without incurring any extra cost to us if the fence became damaged in the process. At other times getting repairs done was a painless process. When we moved in we had a problem with standing water in the showers, the same day I put in the work order, there was plummer out here getting it fixed. Eventually we approached HP about buying the house from the owners, which we did. During that time Aaron and company again worked for two parties. Aaron recommended a wonderful mortgage broker for my husband and I, Bob MacLeod. Aaron worked tirelessly to get us EXACTLY what we wanted out of the previous owners. As a homeowner now, I understand HP is doing their best to protect the investment of someone else. As a tenant you may not always be happy with the answers you get, but remember they are doing their best with the little power they have. As proof positive my husband and I will be using HP when its time for us to rent out our house."

-Sara G.


For the last 3 plus years Highest Point Real Estate has been managing my rental property, and doing a fantastic job of it! Their monthly reports are always timely, and communication is good. I have not had a problem with any of my tenants, and I know that is because Aaron always responded to their requests, and let me know what was going on.

It is very rare today to find good people who still run a good business, Highest Point Real Estate and Property Management is the exception."

-Kevin B.

"Highest Point Real Estate and Property Management has been in charge of managing my property for over 5+years. Aaron and his team take away all the fear and stress of owning a rental property. From finding reliable tenants to dealing with repairs that pop up, Highest Point handles it all so you dont have to. In the 5+ years, I never had 1 late rent check or major damage to my property.

And after 5+ years of managing my property, Aaron even helped me sell the property within 1 month. If you are looking for a team that is trustworthy, hardworking and can offer comprehensive property management and real estate services, Highest Point is the choice. Thank you Aaron and your team for all that you do for me and my family."

-Joseph Y.

"I came to Highest Point after having several friends use them for years with their own properties, each of whom have had a great experience.
I desperately required assistance in working with an existing tenant who had paid rent late 15 days in the previous month, demanded compensation for unreported repair issues they took on themselves and deprived me of the opportunity to fix myself, demanding payment for higher than average utility bills from the previous winter and had become increasingly belligerent in their communications. I certainly don't enjoy phone calls with a tenant where profanity is used as a substitute for punctuation. I appreciate their frustration that I caused, but I was done being the landlord they viewed as completely incompetent when I'd paid thousands of dollars in repair to maintain the property. It was time to employ a professional so they would have the full time attention they required to satisfy their needs.

Having a trusted partner who works with integrity is priceless. I received excellent documentation on the state of the property. The tenant was growing and smoking marijuana (non smoking in the lease), and had a 3rd dog they had not paid deposit on (2 dogs on original lease). The state of the carpets was awful, as the dogs had vomited and urinated in both bedrooms.

Highest Point took over handling the communication with my tenant, educated me of tenants rights and held me completely accountable for promptly fixing issues, protecting my rights from future abuse by the tenant, helping to navigate legal issues for correctly posting for non-payment of rent and eviction, all in a timely and cost effective manner.

The office staff and manager I worked with were both polite and responsive to me, and at the times I had to interact with the tenant together with them during closing. The office staff was extremely patient during my numerous calls to maintain status on an almost daily basis during one of the most stressful times in my career as landlord. I am happy to say that the experience and referral of my friends who have used their services in the past is not unmerited in the least.

My one suggestion that would take this review and company to five stars is to provide the landlord with an online portal for interacting with the company. The portal should keep log of requests/communication with the landlord, storage for documents like invoices, receipts for vendors. A balance sheet of the property explaining rent collected, fees paid, and expenses incurred. This kind of information is invaluable for later lookup and retrieval at tax time and provides that extra icing on the cake.

Overall, very satisfied, and I will continue to refer friends.
Thanks Highest Point!"

-Jeremy S.

"If i could give this company more than 5 stars i would. My experience with Highest Point has been nothing short of EXCELLENT.

Example 1 - I was having toilet issues a few months ago. I only had to submit a request ONE time and a plumber contacted me and provided me same day servive. I never had a toilet issue again.

Example 2 - Me & family wanted a bigger living space and we were told about a home they had for rent. Aaron, Emily & Amanda went above and beyond to make this happen and i couldn't be more grateful.

I would like to add that i have been in my home for almost 2 years and NEVER have they entered without first contacting me. I received a call (with a voicemail) an email and if my memory serves me right i also got a notice on my door. If your home is clean (as it always should be) there is nothing to worry about.

Aaron, Emily & Amanda you guys rock!!!

I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Realty company. They are efficient, prudent & professional.

Thanks. :)"

-Deria W.

"My boyfriend and I recently bought our first house and Aaron of Highest Point was our realtor. Aaron was exceptional! If you want a realtor who really listens to what you want and makes themselves available to you for showings I definitely recommend this company. Aaron seemed to know what we ultimately wanted in a home before we did. We saw a lot of houses but he was patient throughout. We could not have done it without him and we are endlessly grateful! We love our new home!"

-Amanda S.


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